The biggest achievements in the sphere of decoding the human brain were accomplished by Craik Venter in 2000. This decoding, according to the opinion of many scientists, could lead to the bringing to the whole human biology by hard work out of the common genetic code of the human being. Unfortunately, nothing much could be started with this huge mountain of data, especially in the sphere of the fundamental scientific researches in the medicine. For the fact that there were hereditary diseases, which were caused by a single gene, declared for this reason for monocausal (a sole reason for a disease) a conclusion could be made from the genetic register of rare and inexplicable before that diseases caused by a genetic reason. Since there is no doubt for the most of the diseases many numbers of genes take part, their complex interaction could not be explained so simple. We could not just say that for the cancer is responsible only one gene or respectively for the heart attack is responsible only one gene. Therefore no complex networks are possible without self-organization. The information that is contained in the genetic material is not enough to be prepared, for example, a genetic plan for such complex network like the brain. The same could not be achieved without the aforementioned self-organization. This means: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is an old wisdom that is relevant for all spheres of the modern biology – this is the only way that we could explain the life. It could be said that the reductionism from the past decades does not lead to big achievements in biology anymore. Here comes the idea that in the future this will take the first place, these complex interactions will be brought closer to our understandings. This, unfortunately, comes together with a great loss of actual clarity. The only thing that is left of the scientific research is the transfer of accounting power into a powerful computer. Here we talk about the so called „dry biology“. Unlike the former „wet“researches conducted in the biological research centers, where they still work with liquid solutions. For long time physics works in its sphere by the methods of „dry” view. They are now very modern in the world of biology. In all cases here are about a change in the paradigm to a holistic view. They include also the development in the field of smoothing the constructions of appliances and machines that operate with pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and so-called bio-resonance devices.