Cuddly Sound Exciter (Code: )


Based on the principle of Dr. Arno Heinen.

2015 Ortus Marketing & Consulting and Medical Systems Engineering Ltd. present a world innovation in the field of sound exposure with natural frequencies. A unique relaxing sound experience.

The new Cuddly sound broadband Exciter capable of producing sound vibrations with frequencies from 0 Hz to including more than 80 kHz. With a special, the device adapted, vibratory plate of the Exciter transmits the midrange and the bass range. This would otherwise be able to accomplish only a great bass system. The basses have here about the force and power (not the efficiency!) of the Klipsch Eckhorns. In this area the Exciter able to emit frequencies 5Hz. Even if not audible, this innovation involves the possibility that specific frequencies that occur in this area to spread throughout the room.

An amplifier system was developed for this specific area, which allows it to perform frequency modulations specifically in the areas that are identical to the fields, the mean harmonization for humans. In this case, corresponding harmonics are generated by a corresponding circuit above a cutoff frequency which harmoniously located on the original signal their application.

Dr. Heinen:

The world is built on a rhythm. In chronobiology is assumed rhythm systems, through which the world is designed. For this reason, it is important that a system is developed, which enables all the rhythms that lie in the infrared or audible range to play. These key areas will cover the exciter. The rhythm or rather the rhythm wave is a double spiral in two dimensions. The exciter is the first sound generator, which may be due to its two-spring system generates these natural modern rhythm wave and transform to the organism. There are no room reflection and thus not cause harmful interference. He covers the people in a natural sound cloud contemporary one, as in a concert hall.

Application examples:

Use of the High-Speed exciter according to any one of the preceding claims for playback of frequencies from and including 0 Hz to more than 80 kHz.

Use of broadband exciter according to the demands of reproduction of acoustic signals such as speech and music, to sound generation, in the spa, in medicine for stress therapy, in the vibro-acoustics asleep and staying asleep assistance in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, pain management, treatment of circulatory disorders, muscle tone, bone growth, weight increase and the sound of interiors.

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