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Dieter Broers - a name that stands for scientific knowledge in biophysics. Whether it comes to frequency therapies, electromagnetic effects on humans or research on the Sun, his name appears everywhere. His great publicity he reached through his books, as a bestselling author, he wrote himself into the hearts of the people.

We deal with the backgrounds and research, as well as the unexplained mysteries of the most controversial biophysicist in Germany, which is confirmed by high-level scientists in its results and referred to by his opponents as a charlatan and lifted esoteric. Looking for answers with respect to its sources and its compounds we encountered in the last three years have raised an incredible relationship that many questions.

What information does Dieter Broershave about our sun and the future?
Like his missing past is due?
What must he conceal us?
Is there an inspiration by aliens?
Why are his breakthroughs suppressed in the frequency medicine?

The question of the origin of his knowledge always remained unanswered. This report will give you insight into unpublished documents and researches reveal mysterious and secret combinations that reach to America, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Secret meetings with scientists and researchers from all disciplines from around the world documenting the deep roots in an ancient knowledge. Media issues and questions concerning the future of humanity seem so in a completely new image.

Our research has led us to different places. We got in contact with people who have granted us access to documents that are unique.

These documents were translated by us and provide amazing insights into a fantastic world of knowledge.

Learn biophysicist Dieter Broers know how to know only the fewest and experience the darkest secrets of modern science.

Dieter Broers - Die Reportage
ISBN: 978-3-00-043147-0
576 S. - 21,0 x 14,8 cm

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