An equipment developed on the technical basis of the LFS with frequencies for the sleep and the meditation.

Product description LFS Repose

The LFS Repose is a new development based on the technology of the LFS. The technology used is the same as within the LFS, LFS Repose and LFS are identically constructed. The spool within the LFS Repose is technically modified, so that it corresponds to the prerequisites in the delta and theta frequency range.

After a period of over two years of development we are now able to present to you the LFS-Repose. Alike the LFS, the further development of the LFS Repose uses the electromagnetic weak non-thermic fields. The LFS Repose has 2 different frequency programs. Thereby we achieved to resonate with those biological windows that have supporting attributes for a restorative sleep as well as for the meditation. Like the LFS, the LFS Repose works with a unique transition overlap field in the sphere of a pulsed spool in combination with a specific permanent magnet. This combination of PEMF and permanent magnet causes that a significant portion of the negative wave is suppressed. Due to the continuous stream of a range an optimum supply (biological window) of frequencies is assured. This means the creation of a (stagger) vibration with the result, that the created frequency varies cyclical between two adjustable final values. Resonance is the principle to exactly apply those frequencies that strengthen the ground frequency, so that the body cells and/or bigger subsystems and the whole organism vibrate independently. Also in the pharmacology this resonance phenomenon based on the messenger theory and the receptor theory is applied for the hormone effect. The effect of the unfolded messengers derives through the correlation of the receptor of the body cell and the messenger into a defined action.

Many well-known scientists believe at this stage in a time in the future, where frequencies can be applied in all areas of the medicine.

You can choose between 2 programs, which offer the following applications:

The first application is for the usage during the meditation (Theta range) and can support the own meditation and so positively influence a beneficial and restorative sleep.

The second application refers to the sleep rhythm (Delta range). If the sleep rhythm is strongly disturbed by stress and burden, this can cause various sleep disorders. The LFS offers a possibility to treat this in a natural way.

The LFS Repose has been developed to support the body intensely during the sleep and the meditation.

Scope of delivery

Magnetic Field Resonance Tool / Based on LFS PEMF + Permanent Magnet 2 Program Applications
Special Surface Coating
Color Nacre/Ivory with Sealing
Sun Sign 24 Carat Hard Gold Plated
Leather Band with adjustable Trap
Special Box
Size: Diameter appr. 6cm / Hight appr. 2cm
Weight: appr. 50gr.
Special Cleaning Tissue

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LFS Repose

An equipment developed on the technical basis of the LFS with frequencies for the sleep and the meditation. Product description LFS Repose The LFS Repose is a new development based on the technology...