MSE is a company working in the sphere of development of electromagnetic devices, therapeutic devices based on the magnetic field, as well as complex bio-resonance appliances. We plan and test, exactly by the set parameters given by you, all the details of the product in the field of the innovative research. You give us a problem and we solve it. Thanks to our contacts around the world in the field of extensive research in relation to application of complex medical information system, we are able to solve the most difficult problems in this sphere by ourselves. For this purpose we work with technological companies, research laboratories, renowned scientist and doctors. We are the perfect companion for you, starting from your idea and your invention and continuing with planning all the product details, including tests, later the assembly and the eventual inserting of the detail in the finished product. We check, test and optimize every step during the production of the prototype and bring it to mass production. In order to meet all real requirements, we test your development in all necessary fields:

This includes:

Tests for EMC* (*EMC = Electromagnetic compatibility);
Acceptance medical tests;
Specialized analyses.

We take care of meeting all the requirements and functional specifications. For us this is an auspicious way for the product’s success. This is the reason you should entrust us the perfect
progress and ensuring of your development!

The auspicious way to success of your product is through planning in the field of techniques for pressure die casting, their application by technical planning and production of tools.

We offer you the opportunity to deliver the supporting frames preassembled.

This means that we will integrate your components such as electronic circuit boards, keyboards, or other integrated parts in your construction and you can integrate the preassembled device directly in your machine; or the device can be delivered to you ready for dispatch.

The purchase of the components used in the device, as well as the creating of a suitable packing is an everyday routine for us.

Naturally, we will take care of providing you with the best forwarding service on fixed terms.

Once the prototype pass all tests, nothing stands in its way of successful implementation on the market. For this purpose, we can give and consultation in the field of market strategies.

The successful marketing and advertising strategy will pave the way to discovering and assimilation of the corresponding market share.

Our goal is to deliver and produce the best products with the highest quality.

We will take time to listen to you and to develop your ideas on a completely individual basis by suggesting specialized decisions for their applications.

We are not interested in fast money. Just the opposite, we will look together with you for technical conceptions in order to find the optimum balance in the costs-benefits proportion for our customers.